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An Interview with 7Horse Tour Manager, Genevieve Leavitt

Genevieve Takes the Band on the Road with SST Backline

"A Modern Blues-Rock-Cosmic Country-infused duo with edge, passion. and soul."  That is how 7Horse describes their sound on the band's Facebook page. "Son House, Keith Richards and The Black Keys meet a next-door neighbor of the Ramones, high on Led Zeppelin." 

7Horse Tour Manager, Genevieve Leavitt, stopped in at SST not too long ago to pick up backline for the East Coast leg of the band's national tour. We talked with her recently about the band and the tour.

SST: Hello Genevieve. You were in the studio for 7Horse recently to take our backline out on the tour. I want to talk with you a little about the band, the tour, and your experience with SST. It was a national tour, right? 

GL: Yes, it was a national tour. We did a Midwest run, then the East Coast and the West Coast. I’ve tour managed the band for several years now. The drummer, whom I am married to, is also the lead singer. His name is Phil Leavitt. The guitar player is Joie Calio. They were in another band called dada from the early 90s, which was an alternative rock band. They formed 7Horse in 2011 and they’ve had pretty great success. They've been able to stay independent, which is nice because they maintain full ownership and creative freedom. And it's been fun. We've done a few national tours and we've opened for Kenny Wayne Shepherd, which was great. We also worked with a band out of Nashville called the Cadillac Three. They're wonderful. They're kind of a swampy rock band, and they're great.

7Horse had a song titled Meth Lab Zoso Sticker n Martin Scorsese's film, The Wolf of Wall Street, that was also used by Fox Sports on their pre-game show for the NFL playoff season.

7Horse feels to me how rock and roll should sound. There’s something gritty about it, kind of bluesy. For me personally, it's a little harder and more driving than some of the more modern rock and roll you hear nowadays, which I prefer. It has its roots in early rock and roll, like the late forties and the fifties, and I really love that. 

SST: You were with the band in New York I presume?

GL: I was, yes. We played Rockwood Music Hall. It's a great venue, very professional staff. Rockwood is a good room for us because we can totally pack it, which I prefer. I'd rather play smaller venues that we can sell out and pack. It creates a nice energy in the room when people get hot and sweaty and they’re dancing and bumping into each other, as opposed to a large, vacant room. Rockwood is a great room for us, and it's always fun to be in New York. We've also played New Jersey, out on the shore. 

SST: What is your favorite restaurant in New York? 

GL: Oh, a great place where we just ate close to Rockwood. I think it's called Le French Diner. It was awesome. There were only about 10 seats and we were lucky to find seats at the bar. The service was friendly, family oriented, with a wonderful vibe. We like places on tour like that, where you get a chance to know people who live in the city you're playing. It’s a little more intimate. You can talk to them about their experiences living in that city. You get to know them and the culture a little bit. 

SST: How long have you been in the tour management business? 

GL: I started out selling merchandise. I've been tour managing for about four years. I’ve worked with 7Horse and dada. They are the only two bands I will tour manage. I'm not looking to make a full-time career of it. It’s a part-time thing for me. I also have another job in Los Angeles. 

SST: Did you visit SST with Barry Kimmel? I know he was there to pick up backline for some 7Horse dates


GL: I did, yeah. I was the one who made all the arrangements for the rental and I went with Barry to pick it up. 

SST: Who met with you at the studio

GL: I think I spoke with Jeff Simoni.

SST: How did you learn about SST? 

GL: It was through the grapevine of crew members and other tour managers. I found out about SST several years ago as an alternative for rental equipment. I have always found that the customer service at SST is phenomenal.

SST: We like to hear that. So, you found exactly what you needed and had no problems with it? How many shows did you do on that leg with our back line? 

GL: We did, I think, four or five show. But I have rented from SST in the past.  I rented for dada. I have never had any problem, ever. It's been a fantastic experience every time. Really solid. They're great and there's no attitude. There's no ego. They're just super professional. They’re ready when they say they're going to be ready, and everybody is really friendly. 

SST: That's very cool. We appreciate it very much.

GL: Well, thank you. Please let everybody know that SST is our go-to rental company for always and forever on the East Coast. I never hesitate to recommend them to other tour managers.

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