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FENDER TWIN-SILVERFACE:  100 watt 2x12 all-tube guitar combo. Twins are loaded with Jensen Special Design speakers, or JBL's.  


FENDER TWIN-65' REISSUE BLACKFACE:  100 watt 2X12 all-tube guitar combo. Jensen Special Design speakers. 


FENDER 65' REISSUE SUPER REVERB: 45 watt 4X10 all-tube guitar combo.


FENDER VIBROVERB COMBO 63' REISSUE:  40 watt 2X10 all-tube guitar combo.


FENDER VIBROLUX CUSTOM COMBO:  35 watt 2x10 tube guitar combo.


65' REISSUE DELUXE REVERB AMP: 22 watt 1X12 all-tube guitar combo


FENDER PRINCETON REISSUE: 10 watt 1X10 all-tube guitar combo.


BLUES JR:  15 watt 1X12 all-tube guitar combo.


HOTROD DEVILLE: 60 watt 2X12  all-tube guitar combo. 2 channels, drive/clean with a "more drive" switch.


HOT ROD DELUXE: 40 watt 1X12 all-tube guitar combo.  2 channels, drive/clean with a  "more drive" switch.


BLUES DEVILLE: 60 watt 4X10 all-tube guitar combo.  Independent gain and master controls in drive chan.


FENDER BASSMAN SILVERFACE: All tube amplifier head. 100 watts.


FENDER BASSMAN NEO 8X10 CAB: Eight 10” Eminence USA neodymium-magnet speakers

and compression driver horn with attenuator. Rated at 2000 watts program 1000 watts at 4ohms.  Dang.



VOX AC-30 CUSTOM (TOP BOOST): 30 watt all tube amplifier. 2 channels featuring tremolo and reverb.
The AC-30 amp is loaded with 2 12" Celestion
Green back drivers. Groovy.


VOX AC-30 HAND WIRED: Hand-wired turret board construction.  Master Volume/BYPASS switch
completely bypasses the Master Volume section allowing incredible levels of gain and sustain to be achieved.
This amp can be switched between 15 and 30 watts.  Includes 2 12" Celestion Greenback drivers.




VOX 2x12 CABINET: Closed back 2x12 vox cabinet with Celestion Alnico Blues.



JCM-800:  A rock and roll workhorse.  100 watt all tube single channel guitar head.


JCM-800 SUPER BASS: Marshall's version of a bass head.  100 watts but with a  darker sound and cleaner at high volume.
This amp is not a substitute for an 800 or 900.  It is its own animal. 


JCM-900 (MASTER VOLUME MKIII): 100 watt all tube 2 channel head with two preamp gains and two master volume controls.


JCM-900 (DUAL REVERB): 100 watt all tube 2 channel head with master reverb controls.


JCM 2000 DSL: 100 watt all tube 2 channel head with each channel having two modes of gain state. 


JMP 50 WATT "PLEXI": 50 watt all tube single channel guitar hand. 


JCM 900 combo:  100 watt all tube guitar combo with 2 12" Celestion G12M drivers.


MARSHALL 4X12 CABINETS:  We carry many 4X12 slanted and straight cabinets.
The majority contain Celestion G12M drivers with some containing Celestion greenback drivers.


We also carry unloaded "dummy" cabinets for stage props. 




DUAL RECTIFIER TREMOVERB COMBO:  100 watt all tube guitar combo: 2 Channels,
4 Modes (Clean, Vintage High Gain, Blues & Modern High Gain


DUAL RECTIFIER HEAD: Runs at 100 or 50 watts. 3 Fully independent channels with 8 modes (Channel 1=Clean or Pushed,
Channel 2= Raw, Vintage High Gain or Modern High Gain, Channel 3=Raw, Vintage High Gain or Modern High Gain


MESA 4X12 CABINETS: Rated at 240 watts and can be operated in stereo or mono configurations.
Available in slant or straight.


BLACK SHADOW 2X12:  Partly open, partly closed 2x12 cabinet with drivers stacked vertically. 




ROLAND JC 120 COMBO: SST carries the classic roland JC120 combos.
These are originals and boast stereo chorus and reverb as well as two channels of operations. 




ORANGE AD-30HTC: 30 watt all tube head. Two dual stage channels each with separate signal paths and gain.


ORANGE ROCKERVERB 100:  100 watt all tube guitar head with 2 channels of operation. 
The clean channel is remarkably clean at high volume making it perfect for stomp box distortion/fuzz/overdrive

whereas the dirty channel produces extremely high levels of gain.
The clean channel coupled with 
any type of gain pedal is not for the faint of heart. 


ORANGE ROCKERVERB 50 COMBO: 50 watt rocker verb with all the same specs as its big brother but with

noticeable tube break up on the clean channel at lower volumes. Loaded with 2 Celestion vintage 30's.


ORANGE  PPC 4X12 CABINETS: Rated at 240 watts and loaded with 4 Celestion vintage 30's. It is orange.


ORANGE PPC 2X12 CABINET:  Rated at 120 watts and loaded with 2 Celestion vintage 30's. It is also orange.




SPIDER 212 COMBO:  150W with 12 unique amp models and built in effects.

SPIDER VALVE HD100: 100W tube amplifier with 12 amp models and lots of built in and programmable effects.




SST is one of the largest endorsers of EVH amplifiers and cabinets in the country.

EVH 5150 III AMPLIFIER: 3 channel all tube guitar head rated at 100 watts.  Beautiful clean channel, high gain rhythm channel, and a brutal lead channel.  Available in black or white.

EVH 5150 III 4X12 CABS: 100 watt cabinet containing 4 Celestion G12EVH drivers. Available in black or white.




5150 HEAD: 120 watts all tube 2 channel head (rhythm and lead)  Metal.


6505+ HEAD:  120 watt all tube 2 channel head with foot switchable channels and fx loop.


6505 CABINET: 4X12 cabinet rated at 300 watts. Sheffield 1200 drivers. Slant or Straight.


NASHVILLE COMBO:  80 watt solid state combo with one 12" driver.


CLASSIC 50 COMBO: 50 watt tube combo.


4X10 or 2X12 PRO BASS 500: 
Tube preamp driven 500 watt max power operation with a versatile parametric eq.




SVT LIMITED EDITION: 300 watts all tube. We carry the original 2 channel versions. 


SVT CLASSIC: 300 watts all tube.


SVT VR: 300 watts 2 channel with 1/4 and SpeakOn outputs emulating the classic BlueLine SVT. 


SVT II: 300 watt rackmount tube svt featuring a 9 band graphic EQ.


SVT 4 PRO: 600 watts with a solid state power amp and tube pre amps. 9 band graphic EQ.


B4R:  Solid state at 500 watts per side.  9 band graphic EQ.


SVT 8x10 Cab: Eight 10" drivers capable of handling 800 bone shaking watts of bass in your face.


SVT 4X10 Cab: Four 10" drivers capable of 500 watts.  Comes in standard and HLF ported models.


SVT 1X15: One 15" driver at 200 watts capable of usable frequencies as low as 33Hz.




1001RB: 700 watts (4 ohms) plus 50-watt horn bi-amp system.


2001RB: 2 - 500W woofer amps bridgeable to 1000W and 2 - 50W horn amps.


800RB: 400W of biamp power in a rackmountable metal case, with 4 bands of active EQ, 3 voicing filters.


700RB 2x12 COMBO: 540W at 4 ohms. Boost, tweeter level, and hi-cut filter, master control.


MBE III SMALL COMBO: Singer 12" driver bass combo perfect for green rooms.


4x10 CABINET: 800 watt cabinet available in standard and NEO models


8X10 CABINET: Rated at 600 watts.


2x12 NEO CABINETS: 600 watt cabinet front ported.




AG DB750:  750 watt bass head with tube preamp circuit, Xlr DI, 3 band eq and FX loop.


AG DB751: 750 watt bass head with tube preamp circuit, Xlr DI, Improved eq control and FX loop.


AG 500:  Two foot-switchable preamp channels and a fully adjustable Saturation circuit. 500 watts.


AG 500SC: Single channel version of the AG 500.


AG 500 COMBO: A single 15" driver combo with an AG 500 SC head. 


GS 4x10 CABINET:  700 watt cabinet capable of 40Hz to 60kHz with phenolic tweeter. 


GS 4X12 CABINET: Rated at 1200 watts, the GS4112 is a great substitution for an 8X10

if storage is tighton the road as it is considerably lighter and smaller. 


GS 1X15 CABINET: 300 watt cabinet capable of 32Hz to 3kHz.


DB 8X10 CABINET:  1400 watts with a very punchy tone and big fat bottom end for those so inclined.


GS 2X12:  600 watts with low end to spare and a phenolic tweeter. 





WT 800:  440 watts per side with a 5 way semi parametric EQ and switchable compression. 


WT 1205:  Dual channel with 7025 preamps tubes ideal for driving dual channel instruments.  1200 watts!!


EDEN 4x10 CABINET:  540 watt bass cabinet.


EDEN 6X10 CABINET:  1500 watt bass cabinet.




TD 650:  650 watt mosfet bass amp switcable between tube or solid state with a 4 band eq.


EBS 4x10 CABINET:  800 watt cabinet made with Finnish birch.


EBS CLASSIC 500: 500 watt solid state bass head


EBS CLASSIC 8X10: 4 ohms 1000 watts.




BIG BANG: 500 watts @ 4 ohms


104 HF CAB: 4x10 800 watt cabinet


102 HF CAB: 2x10 400 watt cabinet




3500: 350- watt hybrid bass amp head with 10 band graphic eq.


4X10 CABINET: 400 watt aluminum coned cabinet.




CALIFORNIA BLONDE II:  Mono, Stereo, 1/4" or XLR inputs, the cali blonde is a great amp for acoustic guitar or bass.
Sports a custom Celestion driver. She also sounds great for harmonica...


SM 900:  Capable of mono or stereo operation at a max wattage of 800. Tube driven gain channels.


750x:  Max wattage of 850 with a  tube driven preamp.  Features overdrive and sub octave fx.


4X10 CABINET:  800 watt cabinet with an attenuated horn.


8X10 CABINET:  1200 watt handling capable of mono or stereo operation.




AH 500:  500 watts with 7 band graphic eq.  Comes complete with glowing black light.



tc electronics

BH 800: Compact 800W Bass head.


K 410: 4 x 10" Lavoce custom Drivers. 600W handling at 8ohm. 


K 212: 2 X 12" Lavoce custom Drivers. 400W handling at 8ohm. Great stacking options for tight stages. 


Profiling Amplifier with Remote


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