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Come to the light at the end of the tunnel.

 The Studios @ SST
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Half the cost, half the hassle, twice the personal service.

Safety, comfort, and convenience. Audio recording, video production, lighting,
staging, crew, high-speed livestreaming, and backline, too.

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SST is committed to the safety and security of our clients. We are sanctioned for groups of up to 25 people without restriction. We sanitize the room before and after each shoot. The building is professionally cleaned before each session using CDC approved cleaning products and there are several sanitizing stations placed throughout the working environment.

- Joel Forman, Tour Director for Bruno Mars

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Call Billy and Jeff at 201-864 5666 

“SST has been my preferred rehearsal location for 10+ years in the NYC area. The space and location are great, but it is the people who make it the best."

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