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in which the author describes an esoteric software language of his own design and his (interactive) web site. It is based on Zork, and among the limitations of the format, as mentioned in the article, it is based on paper printouts. Cymraeg (Welsh) (English). Version: 2.4.2. Date: 26-May-2014. Wordcat dictionary, written in Perl and based on, and searching, sorting, and finding words in dictionaries; most vocabularies available (currently, in the module English Wordlist ). Looxcawls (Cornish/Welsh). Version: 3.2.1. Date: 11-Dec-2013. A simple text-based adventure game created by Nathan Martin. Notes References Bibliography Category:Film and video technology Category:Film and video technology stubs Category:New media Category:Game mechanics Category:Video game developmentQ: Checking if the record exists in MongoDB using a single query I have a MongoDB collection, where one of the fields is a unique id. Whenever a new record is inserted, I also generate a uuid as a new field which can be used to uniquely identify this record. Is there a way to check in a single query if a record with the id specified exists? A: You can do this in MongoDB with a single find: db.collection.find({id: myid}) The find() will return null if the record is not found. If you know that the record was inserted, then you should use findOne(), which will return the inserted record instead of null. If you want to do this with one query, you can do this: db.collection.find({$or:[{id: myid},{newid: myid}]}).limit(1) This will return the record, or null if it doesn't exist. Q: Problem with a piece of code def c(a): #return tuple(a) return tuple(a) x=[1,2,3,4,5] y=list(x)




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Spine Esoteric Software Crack Website wiljazz

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